Our Mission.

The Review and Debates at NYU seeks to discuss, deliberate, and debate the questions of our time. 

We are a student-run organization dedicated to creating a prominent public debate culture, and to developing an appreciation for political, social, and cultural exchange. We believe that the active competition of ideas is crucial to creating and maintaining free societies, and work to foster this attitude on the campus of the largest private university in the United States.

Our Debate Series facilitates discussion and dialogue on topics across the spectrum, because we believe that our campus and the global community benefit from these. We invite guest speakers, academics, and intellectuals, to enhance our discussion and analysis of topics by sharing their expertise with the students. Past guest debaters have included the former President of NYU, Deans of several NYU schools, and prominent individuals associated with the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Foreign Policy, American Enterprise Institute, and the Council on Foreign Relations, amongst others. 

The Review is our publication that establishes a platform for discourse among university students across the world. At The Review, we provide rigorous editorials on politics, culture, economics, and other important subjects by publishing focused content that is supported with detailed research and written by passionate individuals. The Review is committed to publishing articles of the highest quality as a way of facilitating informed, energetic dialogue among the student community. In doing so, The Review explores the complex dynamics underlying current events in a way that encourages free sharing of ideas, and creates a more enlightened community.

As a non-partisan group, we do not endorse any views expressed by our speakers or writers.